Growing up, I moved around the country and world as an Army brat and was fortunate to find a home in Larimer County, where I graduated from Fort Collins High School and Colorado State University. A military family upbringing instilled in me the importance of service to others, but it was Fort Collins that showed me the importance of community and neighbors.

Following my graduation from CSU, I managed a small retail store in Fort Collins, learning the challenges, rewards, and responsibilities that can come from business. I then moved to Washington, DC to attend the George Mason University School of Law and worked at the National Federation of Independent Business, several business and trade consulting firms, and then was fortunate to earn a position in the U.S. Congress as an aide to Representative Betsy Markey.  In serving the Larimer County community from D.C. I truly appreciated how special this community is.

I returned to Fort Collins and have since dedicated my time to service to this community, through work at the Health District of Northern Larimer County, as a small business owner, as well as through my free time volunteering with a wide variety of local organizations. I would be honored to continue to serve this community as it grows in the coming years as Larimer County’s Clerk and Recorder.